The Original Advent Adventure!

The Original Advent Adventure!

This is a PDF download resource.


The Advent Adventure is a series of twenty four daily topics, accompanied by fun and educational activities that guide your family through the countdown to Christmas, discovering how and why we celebrate Christmas the way that we do!


Each day,  there are two pages of fun facts and curious theories about Christmas!


You will also be given access to the Advent Adventure collection of activities to print out. These have been specially prepared for a range of children and abilities so that your family can take a little time to enjoy learning and playing togther.


We have used our experiences of different learning styles to make these activities as accessible as possible for children with autism, dyslexia and other neurodiverse conditions. Low-demand activities are included, and for visual learners, there is an emphasis on clear, concise, and unfussy communication of concepts.


Embark on a journey through time! From extravagant feasting with Henry VIII to the solemn years when Christmas was banned, each topic card guides your children to discover how we came to associate traditional favourites like Christmas pudding, mistletoe, and crackers with our modern Christmas celebrations. 


We love the idea that these resources could be brought to your family each day by your Elf on the Shelf!


The Advent Adventure includes:


  •  24 x topics featuring a timeline on front, and an exciting daily topic.


  • Unique activities specially designed to appeal to children of all ages and abilities.


  • Activities range from comprehension activities to arts and crafts and are suited to continuing your home learning journey in December.


  • No long kit list of hard-to-find additional resources!