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Welcome to 2024. We hope that it's bursting with opportunities to explore, discover, and grow!

Learning is something that we do without even realising because we're constantly learning from the things that surround us, day in, day out. Whether it's considering the mysteries of the universe while you're looking at the back of a cereal box, pondering the intricacies of history as you tramp down an old street, wondering upon the marvels of the natural world while you plant seeds, or developing new skills in arts and sports, 2024 is your canvas to paint with the colors of knowledge and growth. Here's to a year of exploration, discovery, and endless learning possibilities!

Picture of the Month

Campbell's Soup Cans, 1962 by Andy Warhol is 

Check out this fabulous link, from the Museum of Modern Art, where the famous Soup Cans are displayed today

Interntional Left Handed Day

A fantastic resource to learn more about left handedness

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