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Yes! It's finally here! The new TopicPack from TopicTeach is finally here! With four brand new TopicBooks, three A2 posters and one very special board game, you'll know more than you ever expected about your heart and blood!

First of all, what, exactly is a TopicBook? TopicBooks are in between a workbook and a text book, filled with a carefully structured learning topic, and low demand activities to consolidate learning, without being full of busy work activities (which in my experience never actually get done!).

In The Power of Blood , learn about your blood - what it's made of and how it does what it does! Discover how your white blood cells defend you, and what blood groups actually are!

In My Beating Heart, learn about the path of blood through the chambers of the heart, why heart valves are like the doors to the heart's chambers, and why Leonardo Da Vinci was ahead of his time. Discover how to write up an experiment, how and where to measure your pulse, and make a simple model of a heart's valve.

In Blue Blood and Beyond, launch yourself on a journey to discover the different ways that life exists. It's not just red blood and one heart! Meet creatures with different numbers of hearts, and learn why blood can come in a variety of colours!

In the recipe TopicBook on Pulses, there is a great recipe for lentil burgers, and an explanation of why legumes are great for the soil as well as being great for your body. We meet Giuseppe Arcimboldo, and  attempt to create an anatomical Arcimboldo-style heart!

For a limited period, get these four A2 size posters included with your TopicPack. 

They include the TopicTeach My Beating Heart Game - printed as a poster to keep costs low. We taped ours to a sheet of cardboard which worked well. As a home educator, I don't always have the funds to buy lots of games to go with each new topic, but I also know that nothing consolidates learning like a good board game! Each player can choose whether to play with questions or without, which means that it's a challenge for all ages! 


Welcome to TopicTeach!

We believe that learning is empowering. TopicTeach takes a fresh look at educational subjects. Our solid factual approach is combined with activities designed to suit the learning style of your child. All of our resources can be used to make a unique topic book or a wall display of wonder.

We love sharing lesser-known information, learning in the great outdoors, getting creative, and finding new ways to play. Come join us!

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