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My Beating Heart TopicPack

My Beating Heart TopicPack

The My Beating Heart TopicPack from TopicTeach is a set of five TopicBooks, three A2 posters, and one very special poster game! 


What are TopicBooks exactly?

TopicBooks are low demand workbooks, packed full of easily accessible learning points and interesting facts. The activities consolidate learning - but without dull and time-consuming busy work!


Dive Deep into the mechanics of the human cardiovascular system with The Power of Blood and My Beating Heart.


Learn about hearts through the ages wirh Historical Hearts, and discover the world's oldest heart, just why the stethoscope was forst invented and why the Thomsons won Nobel Prizes for contradictory theories on atomic structure (and why this is how science should work!)


In Blue Blood and Beyond discover creatures with more hearts than us, or no hearts at all, or weird, different coloured blood!


 The Pulses Recipe TopicBook is written alongside Annette Rugyendo RD, a registered dietician who shared her very special lentil burger recipe with us! I’m trying to include a recipe book with each pack because I know just how tricky food can be for some kids. For my family, just talking about different foods and cooking recipes was the first step towards a healthier view of food. 


Put your learning to the test with the TopicTeach Hearts Game. This game is printed as a  poster to keep the costs down (poster game?)! We taped ours to a piece of cardboard, and it worked really well. Each player can play with or without questions, which means that different ages can play the same game at the same time!



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