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Frogs TopicPack

Frogs TopicPack

Frogs TopicPack



Three Workbooks, each printed on 120gsm pages with a writable finish.



- The Frolics of Frogs (60 pages)

- The Frog Princess (32 pages)

- Toad in the Hole (20 pages)


The Frolics of Frogs is an exciting look through the lesser known froggy facts. After a examining frog lifecycles, we have a look at the slightly weirder ways that some frogs have to look after their frogspawn. 


We discuss the differences between frogs and toads, and move onto frog skin which is surprisngly fascinating. It defends, it hides, and it can even be see through. Frog gods, frog jumps, frog poisons, frogs taking over the country… We look at it all, before looking at the rest of the Amphibians. 


Pacman Frog, Parachute Frog, Glass Frog and more. Mossy Frogs, Horned Frogs and Cane Toads. Which frog swallowed her spawn? Who builds a dam for their spawn? And just who was the magnificent Beelzebufo?


The Frog Princess TopicBook tells the Russian Fairytale of Vasilisa and Ivan. There is an overview of the works of Ivan Bilibin, a famous Russian artist, and then an introduction into Russia, and the Russian alphabet.


The Toad in the Hole TopicBook has been created alongside Annette Rugyendo, RD. Annette is a dietitian with many years experience, and we are excited to offer her Toad in the Hole recipe.


We also look at some new fruits and vegetables, discover why we might keep a frog in our milk, and plan a frog themed meal with menu card, a main course recipe, dessert and a big glass of not-frogspawn to go with it!

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