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Frolics of Frogs TopicBook

Frolics of Frogs TopicBook

This is a printed resource.


The Frolics of Frogs is an exciting look through the lesser known froggy facts. After a examining frog lifecycles, we have a look at the slightly weirder ways that some frogs have to incubate their young.


We discuss the differences between frogs and toads (because all toads are frogs but not all frogs are toads!) and then we move onto frog skin - defence, camouflage, see through or even perhaps... glow in the dark… Frog gods, frog jumps, frog poisons, frogs taking over the country… We look at it all, before looking at the rest of the Amphibians. 


Pacman Frog, Parachute Frog, Glass Frog and more. Mossy Frogs, Horned Frogs and Cane Toads. Which frog swallowed her spawn? Who builds a dam for their spawn? And just who was the magnificent Beelzebufo?

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