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The Myth and Magic of Dragons

The Myth and Magic of Dragons

This is a physical product, printed in full colour and sent by Royal Mail. This TopicBook will also come with an A2 poster to colour in!


The second TopicBook in the Dragons TopicPack is available now! Following on from The Anatomy of Dragons, it looks at some of the dragon-y myths from around the world.


We start by exploring the enduring appeal of dragons in China, and their association with Chinese New Year. We meet the Nian Beast, and learn how the colour red and bright lights became entwined in Chinese New Year celebrations.


We investigate Vikings and the Norse myth of Nidhogg, Jason and the Argonauts along with the Spartoi, there's the Cosmic Draco and the Battling Draco, as well as Draco himself, while you also encounter Smaug and his riddles. There should be something for everyone! The TopicBook is beautifully illustrated,and packed with short stories and extension activities.

This is the second TopicBook in the Dragons TopicPack, new for 2024 and the Year of The Dragon.

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