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Welcome to TopicTeach!

We believe that learning is empowering. TopicTeach takes a fresh look at educational subjects. Our solid factual approach is combined with activities designed to suit the learning style of your child. All of our resources can be used to make a unique topic book or a wall display of wonder.

We love sharing lesser-known information, learning in the great outdoors, getting creative, and finding new ways to play. Come join us!


I am pleased to announce that TopicTeach has two brand new bumper TopicPacks on their way! The first is one which I've been working on from the very start - it's called My Beating Heart, and between you and me, it's fabulous! I've kept tweaking it and adding bits in and but I'm gradually feeling like it's finished and that I can let it go out into the world! This time, this topic will also include some posters, and a board game (well, sort of!). The board game is based on the circulatory system and to keep the costs down, will be offered as a poster, which can be glued / taped onto something a little more durable when you receive it! I home educate my children and one thing I hate is spending loads of money on a game which is perfect for a project but would take up a huge chunk of my budget!

The second topic is a little more whimsical but is based on something I first did with my own children back in 2016! As I said, I home educate and have done for 8 years now, and TopicTeach came about partly because I wanted to share our topic based approach, which gives a different perspective to learning. This is something which has benefits for children who perhaps see the world differently, and who struggle with the sometimes arbitrary division of information into different subjects.