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Who knows what the Beelzebufo was? Nothing less than a magnificent beach ball sized prehistoric toad my friends!


Take a hop, skip and a big old froggy jump into spring with the Frog TopicPack by TopicTeach. The world of frogs is such a perennial home ed topic, but it can be challenging to involve the whole family once you’ve learnt about life cycles and made cute frog crafts for a year or two… That’s where TopicTeach comes in, with a range of interesting and quirky facts.


This TopicPack includes three TopicBooks. The first takes a look at froggy lifecycles but also the slightly weirder ways that some frogs have to look after their spawn. We discuss the differences between frogs and toads, move on to frog skin - defence, camouflage, see through or glow in the dark… Frog gods, frog jumps, frog poisons, frogs taking over the country… We look at it all. We even have a look at the lesser known relatives of amphibians, caecillians and axolotls. 

In the second TopicBook, we look at the famous Russian fable of Vasilisa the Wise, learn about famous artist who created art to accompany the tale, and explore the Russian alphabet. The Baba Yaga and her chicken leg house is my  favourite character!


The third TopicBook includes a special recipe for Toad in the Hole, a rather odd looking drink that we promise isn't actually frogspawn, and some amazing food related frog facts.  This TopicBook was created with Annette Rugyendo, a Registered Dietician, who has given us her specially created recipe for Toad in the Hole. (No toads will be harmed in the preparation of this dinner!)


Welcome to TopicTeach!

We believe that learning is empowering. TopicTeach takes a fresh look at educational subjects. Our solid factual approach is combined with activities designed to suit the learning style of your child. All of our resources can be used to make a unique topic book or a wall display of wonder.

We love sharing lesser-known information, learning in the great outdoors, getting creative, and finding new ways to play. Come join us!

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