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We love sharing lesser-known information, learning in the great outdoors, getting creative, and finding new ways to play. Come join us!


We are thrilled to announce our first Topic Pack of 2021. Welcome to the Wonderful World of Frogs!

In The Frolics of Frogs, learn about camouflaged frogs, and boldly coloured frogs, poisonous frogs and milk frogs. Discover which frogs live in trees, which frogs can glide and how to tell a frog from a toad. 


 Discover the amazing story of Vasilisa and Ivan, in the The Frog Princess, before being introduced to Ivan Bilibin, and the Russian alphabet.

We are thrilled to announce that we have collaborated with Annette Rugyendo, a Registered Dietician on our third book of the set, Toad in the Hole. Learn why you might need to keep a frog handy to keep your milk fresh, and plan a froggy themed meal for your family!

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