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Hygge and Hibernating...but it is coming!

January... The very depth of winter, but this year, with added pandemic. We're aiming for hygge and hibernation here to wait it out until spring. I know it seems the perfect time to be launching new products left, right, and centre to make the most of the sudden increase in home learning, but like many of you, we at TopicTeach HQ are busy trying to juggle home education and increased caring demands along with staying sane in lockdown.

But... there is good news on the horizon for those hoping for more Topic Packs from TopicTeach! I do have a whole topic written and I'm starting the formatting! How things look is very important to us, and I found that simply trying to wedge a different topic into the format that suited our Advent Adventure didn't work. However, there will still be the option to order a professionally printed product or to download the pack to print at home! And between you and me, we have a whole lot of experience at how things can go wrong, so we're going to be a sleek, streamlined supplier when the time comes!

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