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Updated: Oct 22, 2020

I'm so pleased to share with you the resources that I've been creating for my family over the last few years.

After working for several years as a postgraduate researcher in environmental microbiology, my life changed track when I had children and began home educating them. I found that the very thing that my doctoral supervisor had tried to teach me was the very thing I now needed to teach my children; that merely repeating facts that someone had told me wasn't enough. Knowledge that you seek out and consider until you understand has a value far more than just the answer. It empowers you to feel confident about the very act of learning, and that transferable skill resonates throughout your whole academic career, be you 4 or 40!

When my children and I sat down to embark upon the first stages of their journey of lifelong learning we found that the same tired facts were repeated over and over in the same ways. I was inspired to bring a fresh look at topics alongside a solid factual approach. These project sheets can be used to make a unique topic book, or a wall display of wonder. As well as ensuring the main basis of a subject is covered, we go on to explore the information less known. Did you know that a leech has two hearts? Or that an oscillated icefish has clear blood?

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