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The latest TopicBook is finished, and I think I'd describe it as a project which mixes imagination and whimsy with solid scientific facts and processes. This time of year can feel a little dull after the glitter and bright lights of Chritstmas, so what better than a quick trip to the land where dragons might dwell... 

Back in 2017, I created this very project for my own children - these are the photos that I posted to a facebook group at the time, and included my theory for dragon fire!

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I've had the opportunity to think over these theories and decided that they would make the perfect first TopicBook in a new series, and so, I'm excited to announce that The Anatomy of Dragons is available for download.

The Anatomy of Dragons investigates whether there ever could be space in nature for a fire breathing dragon. What type of wings would it have? Do any living creatures ever use heat as a defence mechanism? Are there any processes in nature that could combine to create all the necessary components for fire? Covering scientific concepts from fermentation to trophic pyramids and combustion, to the Hunt-Lenox Globe which famously proclaimed 'hic sunt dracones' back in the early sixteenth century, The Anatomy of Dragons should be captivating and inspiring. 

This is the first new TopicBook in the Dragons TopicPack, new for 2024 and the Year of the Dragon.


Welcome to TopicTeach!

Learning is empowering. TopicTeach takes a fresh look at educational subjects. A solid factual approach is combined with activities designed to suit different learning styles, providing a low demand approach which can be used as the basis to wide ranging projects. All the resources can be used to make a unique TopicBook or a wall display of wonder.

I love sharing lesser-known information, learning in the natual enviroment, getting creative, and finding new ways to play. Come join us!

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